Academic Policies

We earnestly hope that the students and their parents support the College policies wholeheartedly.
Jinnah Medical & Dental College is committed to:
  • Provide a congenial and conducive environment that is essential for the overall growth and development of its students
  • Promote learning that, in addition to knowledge and skills, will provide graduates with a wider  vision
  • Take action against students indulging in activities that are injurious to the interest of the College, faculty or others
Students are expected to:
  • Adhere to the College policies and abide by the rules and regulations
  • Assume personal responsibility for honesty and integrity
  • Respect policies, programs, faculty and staff
  • Observe generally accepted standards of conduct
  • Perform academic activities that promote professional leadershipss
Disciplinary Committee
All students are required to follow the rules and regulations of the College. The Disciplinary Committee is responsible to conduct inquiries into any infraction of the rules and decides consequences of such infractions. Any evidence of academic dishonesty such as copying the work of another or offering unauthorized assistance to another student may lead to expulsion from the College. Cheating, destruction of property, physical violence, falsification of documents/records, violation of rights of person or property of others, unexplained absences may all be reasons for dismissal from the College. In such cases, tuition fee will not be refunded.
College Rules
Students must wear their College Identity Cards at all times and are not allowed to enter the College premises without the College Identity Card.
Dress Code
In order to maintain a safe and hygienic environment, students must wear
  • Neat, clean, appropriate and tasteful clothes while attending or representing Jinnah Medical and Dental College
  • White coats at all times for laboratory work, dissection, community and clinical work
  • Closed-toe shoes
  • Neatly trimmed, short , clean fingernails
  • Neatly tied hair, kept off face and shoulders
  • Large, flowing dupattas must be tucked in to avoid interfering with laboratory/dissection work
  • For male students: Trousers and tucked in shirts. Shalwar Kameez is only allowed on Fridays with closed-toe sandals, chappals are not allowed.
No Smoking
JMDC is a no smoking zone. Smoking is not allowed anywhere on campus. Any student violating this rule can be suspended from the College for seven days.
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